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The Duty of Contribution

We are all driven to make a difference in this world. The tragedy is that so many of us have lost our way. We have become blind to our true mission by an obsession with busyness. We confuse money as a metric for quality of our contribution. We may be sad or unfulfilled and not realize it is because we are not attempting to help … Read More The Duty of Contribution

The 2 Keys to Social Savvy

Social savvy is the the art of getting buy-in, earning other people’s respect, and helping them to believe in you and your cause. It is not something that you can turn on and off when it suits you, nor is it a means to an end. It is simply the right way to behave. However, like all proper behavior it does have beneficial ramifications. Exercising social savvy is … Read More The 2 Keys to Social Savvy


The Four Ds of Problem Solving

Whether you’re dealing with Earth shattering matters that need your response ASAP, or a nagging family problem, The 4 Ds of Problem Solving is the framework you need for getting to the solution.   DEFINE your problem. Thoroughly consider the situation or issue. Don’t assume you know what the problem really is. Drill down to the root cause by repeatedly asking yourself or stakeholders for … Read More The Four Ds of Problem Solving

The Four Imperatives of Awareness

To be effective at contributing in the most meaningful way to the world around you, you must be aware of your actions.  Keeping these four simple directives in mind as you work toward your personal mission will not only help you be effective, it will also help you move forward more purposefully and meaningfully. 1. Know what you’re doing Don’t be distracted from your … Read More The Four Imperatives of Awareness

Leadership is a Means Not an End

You will find more true leaders—self-leaders—among teachers, nurses, and community organizers than you will among CEOs, politicians, and celebrities. It is the former who lead for the purpose of effecting positive change—change that has far-reaching and often immeasurable impact.  Their motive for leadership is not a hunger for power.  True leadership come from a desire to use your knowledge and ability in a way that has the … Read More Leadership is a Means Not an End

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