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Mentorship is Leadership

This is a post about mentorships and the important role the have in leadership positions.


The Leadership Bottleneck

What happens when your leadership pipeline creates a leadership bottleneck? Here’s the scenario: A new CEO takes the helm of your organization. She quickly sees that she’s got a problem on her hands. Before she got there, people in formal leadership positions were not trained properly before they moved into their roles, and now they are not particularly responsive to professional development. They’re getting … Read More The Leadership Bottleneck


The Big Problem with Saying “If You Don’t Like It, Leave”

First and foremost, as a leader, when you respond to someone’s concerns, objections, or skepticism with something like, “If you don’t like it, leave,” it is an indication that you are complacent and on a race to the bottom. The implication is that you are fine with your organization being shitty because you assume it’s even shittier elsewhere. Not a great attitude to project. … Read More The Big Problem with Saying “If You Don’t Like It, Leave”


The Dirty Secrets About Micromanaging

There is a time and place for micromanaging. During significant change, like when a new leader or manager steps in, a direct report is new to a job, or when a big new initiative is being implemented, some level of micromanagement is often necessary. Managers and leaders are responsible for things like level-setting, compliance, efficiency, and just a basic understanding of what everyone does … Read More The Dirty Secrets About Micromanaging


Of Janitors and CEOs

Of all the pseudo-inspirational quotes out there, there are few I dislike more than the one that says something like “I was raised to treat the janitor with the same respect as the CEO.” Under what conditions would you need to make this proclamation? What is the objective here? It’s certainly not to make a statement about equity or respect. The point-of-view is first … Read More Of Janitors and CEOs

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