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Trying Out Strategic Planning

Performing strategically can be daunting. Your operational and functional work will always take priority unless you carve out specific time for the strategic stuff. Strategic effort is particularly frustrating when you’re in the weeds and tensions are running high. The irony, of course, is that is when you need strategy the most. Getting started can feel like the hardest part. Ideally you want a … Read More Trying Out Strategic Planning


What can the obnoxiously wealthy teach us about risk?

Have you heard the one about the entrepreneur who took the audacious┬ástep of selling her multi-million-dollar company and decided to do something completely different with her life? Probably, because apparently the world is lousy with them. And the blogosphere is desperate to share their stories with you, presumably to illustrate that you too can change your career. “Yes, you too can take the bold … Read More What can the obnoxiously wealthy teach us about risk?

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