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Understanding Power

There is a difference between personal power and positional power. Personal power comes from things like this: Knowledge Talent Experience Charisma Savvy Intelligence Wisdom Empathy Positional power comes from things like this: Institutional support Discipline and reward authorization Hiring and firing authority Budget control Decision-making role Workload determination Wage determination Developmental and professional support Personal and positional power are not mutually exclusive. You can have personal power without … Read More Understanding Power


Leadership in a New Era

Donald Trump is a study in what not to do if you strive to be an effective and ethical leader. He is a twisted amalgam of every bad boss, shitty parent, and megalomaniacal tyrant throughout history. We can point to his appalling public speaking ability, his poor communication skills, his shocking lack of intelligence, his cowardice, his petty and spiteful nature, and say, “This is precisely … Read More Leadership in a New Era


Why we Love the Bully

We may not recognize him as a bully at the time, but we love to watch him in action. The way he can push his way through a problem without apprehension or concern for repercussions gets us all worked up. We get vicarious gratification seeing someone use brute force to get his way. It must be so refreshing, we think, to live that way—not have to worry about consequences … Read More Why we Love the Bully


Stop Leadership Worship

We tend to put too much emphasis on the unrealistic notion that realizing a great mission is the result of a single magnificent actor. While leaders do have power, not all of them warrant our respect. An organization, whether it is a family, a small business, a platoon, or a country, does not succeed because of a single great leader. It succeeds because of the ideas and actions … Read More Stop Leadership Worship


The Paradigm Shift that Could Change the World

Back in the day, each organization had one clear objective, and each person in an organization had one clear job that helped the organization realize that objective. We knew what to expect and we could execute our function without too many surprises. The cobbler made shoes, the barber cut hair, and the farmer grew crops. Each had certain tools they needed and each needed certain people … Read More The Paradigm Shift that Could Change the World

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