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My Daughter is Not a Princess

The other day, my four year-old daughter informed me, after I had used the word during dinner, that “hate” is a bad word. I apologized and told her that I’d work on limiting its use. This turned out to be a difficult exercise. I think I agree with her that it’s a bad word. It is inherently negative and applied far too liberally by far too … Read More My Daughter is Not a Princess

The Four Imperatives of Awareness

To be effective at contributing in the most meaningful way to the world around you, you must be aware of your actions.  Keeping these four simple directives in mind as you work toward your personal mission will not only help you be effective, it will also help you move forward more purposefully and meaningfully. 1. Know what you’re doing Don’t be distracted from your … Read More The Four Imperatives of Awareness

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