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Here’s How Big Organizations Up Their Game

Often the best candidate for a job is someone from within the organization. Internal candidates know the culture, know the systems and processes, know the players and performers, know the policies and procedures, know the political landmines, and they know how to steer clear of roadblocks and quagmires. This can be such an advantage when hiring that large organizations (5,000+) can make a major … Read More Here’s How Big Organizations Up Their Game


When Your Position isn’t Giving You the Power to Lead

Have you ever had the sudden realization that your promotion didn’t magically provide you with the gravitas you need to get people to listen to what you have to say? How about when you know more about your job and even the business than your boss, but you can’t get her to take your advice or even take you seriously? Maybe you’ve been given the responsibility … Read More When Your Position isn’t Giving You the Power to Lead


A Public Speaker Comes Clean

Two days ago I would have told you that I do not get nervous about public speaking. I do it for a living. I am used to it and have a certain confidence about my ability to convey a message to an audience. I am so confident, in fact, that I coach other people on how they can be better public speakers. But, two days … Read More A Public Speaker Comes Clean


Trying Out Strategic Planning

Performing strategically can be daunting. Your operational and functional work will always take priority unless you carve out specific time for the strategic stuff. Strategic effort is particularly frustrating when you’re in the weeds and tensions are running high. The irony, of course, is that is when you need strategy the most. Getting started can feel like the hardest part. Ideally you want a … Read More Trying Out Strategic Planning


The Paradigm Shift that Could Change the World

Back in the day, each organization had one clear objective, and each person in an organization had one clear job that helped the organization realize that objective. We knew what to expect and we could execute our function without too many surprises. The cobbler made shoes, the barber cut hair, and the farmer grew crops. Each had certain tools they needed and each needed certain people … Read More The Paradigm Shift that Could Change the World

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