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Passionate and Smart

There is a lot of overly simplistic advice out there meant to take advantage of people who are in a vulnerable state of mind. “Do what you love,” “Follow your dreams,” “Go with your gut,” “Just do it.” These bromides speak to people because they reinforce the idea that it doesn’t take a lot of thought or effort to realize your purpose and find meaning … Read More Passionate and Smart


Deep Love

I have recently become the father of a baby boy, the second of our children. As will happen, it has given me pause. I think of my mother. My father died when I was a boy, leaving her to raise three children on her own on a teacher’s salary. Under those conditions, it was of course not an ideal childhood for any of us, … Read More Deep Love


It Will Make You Free

Productivity tips and tricks abound, but there is one bit of advice that you should pay particular attention to and you could see a drastic change in the way you look at your life and the amount you are able to accomplish. Although it’s not easy at first and it will take some practice before it becomes habit (or you rid yourself of the … Read More It Will Make You Free

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