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The Dirty Secrets About Micromanaging

There is a time and place for micromanaging. During significant change, like when a new leader or manager steps in, a direct report is new to a job, or when a big new initiative is being implemented, some level of micromanagement is often necessary. Managers and leaders are responsible for things like level-setting, compliance, efficiency, and just a basic understanding of what everyone does … Read More The Dirty Secrets About Micromanaging


Motivation vs. Inspiration

We are all influenced by both, but you control which one will define who you are.


Finding Inspiration in Nature

Nature is forgiving. Despite being mistreated and taken for granted by millions, it does not resent. It doesn’t begrudge. Its purpose is innate and it proceeds accordingly, without looking back and feeling regret or looking forward and feeling trepidation. It does what it is meant to do. Nature is neglected, unappreciated, and ignored. It is chronically abused. Yet it persists. Given time—given even the most minute … Read More Finding Inspiration in Nature

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